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ABALIS: a mark of quality for your professional translations

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During its translation process, ABALIS performs a systematic proofreading of the translated documents and provides this key service to all of its customers.


The linguist specialised in the field and/or sector of activity systematically proofreads in their mother tongue. For this purpose, they use the source and target documents and suggest improvements to the target document.


The proofreading process is used by the proofreader to check the style, terminology, syntax and spelling.


You’ve drafted a document in a language that is not your mother tongue and as a precaution are looking to have your text reviewed?

ABALIS can meet your needs to obtain a translation of professional quality. A translator with this mother tongue and an expert in the field and/or sector of activity in question will be contacted to review your document.

We can suggest improvements in terms of style or terminology.

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ABALIS presents itself to you as the ideal partner for your international communications!

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