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ABALIS: writing and editorial design, more than translation

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ABALIS has a global network of expert writers (e.g.: technical field) that have been working for many years in conjunction with our technical teams specialised in computer graphics.

Our technical writers often boast the combined skills of a translator and writer. They are selected according to the same quality process as our expert translators. They have skills and often extensive experience in the field and/or sector of activity in which they are asked to work. The role of the technical writer is to improve the coherency of the content of the manual being drafted from the customer’s specifications.

ABALIS has a technical team that groups together 3 skills complementing the technical editorial works:

  • Our designers can work to produce drawings in all formats known to date.
  • Our photographers provide images or videos for the manual or multimedia document being created.
  • Our computer graphics experts produce the improvement summary for the presentation of the drawings, photos and/or videos, and help consolidate the page layout in known desktop publishing formats (e.g.: InDesign, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, etc.).

In the field of graphic design, ABALIS makes the most of its expertise by managing the whole graphics chain: managing the creation and production of your catalogues, leaflets, press releases and institutional booklets. ABALIS also provides assistance in the form of consulting services and monitoring of photoengraving, printing, packaging and delivery operations.

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ABALIS presents itself to you as the ideal partner for your international communications!

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