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Financial translation


ABALIS: the partner for banks and financial institutions

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ABALIS is now the ideal partner for banks and large financial groups. It provides accurate and precise multilingual communications in the target language of your foreign customers, thus guaranteeing your company’s optimal image abroad.

ABALIS can provide a competitive and comprehensive offer, not only for financial translations but also in the legal, IT, marketing and communication fields.

Our customers trust us for our complete confidentiality, the quality of our professional translations, our reactivity, our competitiveness and our quality of service.

To work in this field of activity, ABALIS has set up terminology databases and specific glossaries that are constantly being updated.

Here are a few examples of documents that fall within the « financial translation » category:

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    accounting documents;
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    financial reports;
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    financial analyses.

ABALIS works with experts specialised in financial translations.

Financial translations are performed by professional translators with expertise in the field of banking.

In order to guarantee a high-quality financial translation, the following rules are applied at ABALIS:

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    Translation exclusively into the mother tongue by a translator specialised in the field in question and residing in the country of the target language;
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    Proofreading performed by a second translator of the same mother tongue with expertise in the field;
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    Control and strict application of the drafting rules in the financial field;
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    Use and continuous improvement of the terminology databases and specific glossaries;
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    Strict application of the confidentiality agreement for the source or target documents and reference documents transmitted.
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ABALIS presents itself to you as the ideal partner for your international communications!

Feel free to contact us for more information!