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Medical Translation


ABALIS: optimal quality for your medical translations

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ABALIS is the professional translation agency capable of providing a precise and accurate solution for your medical content, whether this involves the fields of biology, cosmetology, toxicology, pharmacology or other fields linked to the world of medicine.

In order to work in these highly sensitive sectors, we must comply not only with strict confidentiality rules, but also select translators with the knowledge and experience required.

his is why our medical translators are mostly physicians or experienced healthcare professionals.

To work in this field of activity, ABALIS has set up terminology databases and specific glossaries that are constantly being updated.

Here are a few examples of documents that fall within the « medical translation » category:

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    technical manuals for surgical devices;
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    clinical trials;
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    patient information leaflets.

ABALIS works with experts specialised in medical translations.

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In order to guarantee a high-quality medical translation, the following rules are applied at ABALIS:

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    Translation exclusively into the mother tongue by a translator specialised in the field in question and residing in the country of the target language;
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    Proofreading performed by a second translator of the same mother tongue with expertise in the field;
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    Control and strict application of the drafting rules in the medical field;
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    Use and continuous improvement of the terminology databases and specific glossaries;
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    Strict application of the confidentiality agreement for the source or target documents and reference documents transmitted.
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ABALIS presents itself to you as the ideal partner for your international communications!

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