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Sworn translation


ABALIS: a sworn translation specialist

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Sworn translations follow strict rules, in particular by using translators appointed by the courts of appeal. The translated documents are stamped as proof of certification, thus justifying a legal value equivalent to that of the original documents before French or foreign authorities.

During the certification process, we are authorised to work from scanned copies. Clearly, it is often both wise and necessary to work from the original documents. The translator must place his/her official stamp, signature and registration number on both the original and translation. The addition of an apostille (e.g.: certification of documents originating from a French or foreign authority) may also be required for document validity.

Before beginning this process, it is important that you check the conditions with the recipient organisation (ministry, consulate or university) and take into account the necessary delays resulting from the sending of documents by post.

To work in the field of sworn translations, ABALIS has set up terminology databases and specific glossaries that are constantly being updated.

Here are a few examples of documents that fall within the « sworn translation » category:

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    commercial register extracts;
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    articles of association;
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    notarial deeds.


Send us your original documents by post to the following address:

ABALIS TRADUCTION, 4 rue Augustin Bernard Mouchot, 45000 Orléans, France

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